The Real (AAA) of Travel

What does AAA really mean … is it automotive service, yes … but for me it is much more … it means Attitude Appreciation Attainment … !!! … I feel, however, the first word should be Gratitude, but would you have read this far if I had titled this article … GAAA … ??? … So, now that I have your attention, what do I really mean by my AAA, and from whence did it come?

Most of my career I have been a professional musician, and also a secondary school music educator. I have really enjoyed my work with the youth, and have witnessed some unbelievable talent. They have taught me more than I have taught them. I learned a long time ago to not underestimate what they can do, and have dedicated myself to opening doors for them to be able to reach for their individual maximum potential. To push them into each student finding their potential (beyond what they even think it is), I have found that what works best is to put them in front of a “live” audience to perform. Parents will support and say “I’m proud of you, it was good!” (even if they knew themselves they could have and should have done better). But, they don’t get that feedback from an audience they don’t know! And, those audiences are away from home, and away from their home school. Hence … traveling … and the result (whether they are successful musically or not) is a big education of how other people live (cultural differences), historical sacrifices (how they came to be), and a huge … GAAA … for what they have in life. This attitude adjustment gives them strength to deal with what challenges them in their future,

So, even if they do not decide to become a professional musician or music educator like me … they have more confidence in themselves, and the desire to make the best of every opportunity (or trial) that they face … which then leads to a big (EEE), but that is another article that you need to read … coming soon … GAAAEEE




  1. Esther Dorival

    Mr. Johanson is a great Instructor and all around person. He is pleasant and open to teach anyone willing to learn. He is well spoken and aware of the product he is teaching and so much more. His intellectual level in music is like no other. He is excellent at building a successful all-around music program with students of diverse backgrounds, as well as with different age groups. I have experienced him work with my two children, from Middle School to High School, and I must admit that there is no other music teacher around like Mr. Johanson. He is creative, and he even comes up with ways to keep parents active in the music room, on trip, and in performances.

    Mr. Johanson is truly a blessing to anyone that he interacts with. I stopped smoking cigarettes because he asked me to sing a solo at one of my childrens concerts, and I noticed that my voice wasn’t the same as it was before smoking. I truly believe if Mr. Johanson did not ask me to sing that Solo, I would’ve probably still be smoking today. I am forever grateful for him doing that.

    Mr. Johanson is a great Man and Teacher. I am excited for him on his new venture and he motivates me to keep pushing and to still follow my music goals as well.

    Esther D.
    Mother of I.S.C. and D.R.S
    Archbishop Curley Notre Dame Prep

  2. You really found a way to make this whole prsoecs easier.

  3. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reaedr. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  4. I spent some time looking at your site, and overall, I really enjoyed it. I think your domain name is simple and to the point – I know exactly what your site is going to be about. It also loaded very fast, which is a great benefit – no one wants to wait for the page to load in 2016!

    I really liked your header graphic (which also told me exactly what your blog was about).

    I found the layout to be simple and clean and I liked seeing your smiling face right there.

    On a personal note, I love your perspective as a music educator and conductor. I was a “Band Geek” from 6th-12th grade, playing clarinets (ALL of them) – I referred to myself as a “Clarinet Specialist.” I particularly loved the E-flat Soprano and also got a kick out of playing the Bassoon parts on a Contra-Alto, or maybe it was a Contra-Bass? (It’s been 20+ years), Jazz Piano, and Xylophone/Bells on the sideline for Marching Band. I am excited to read more blog posts and articles from you!

    Andrea Gonzales
    Great Escape Publishing

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